Counseling Core Curriculum


Respecting Myself and Others. During each lesson children are introduced to several puppet friends and activities geared toward the development of making new friends, appreciating differences and expressing feelings. In addition, kindergarten students learn about personal safety.

First Grade

Making S’More Friends, A Camping Adventure. In first grade there is an emphasis on making and keeping friends. Children go on camping adventures in their classroom. Sitting around the campfire, the students learn to appreciate differences, express their feelings to friends and solve friendship problems.

Second Grade

Let’s Be Friends and Work it Out. In second grade students learn the importance of friendship. Students practice skills to initiate and maintain friendships. Strategies to encourage self-control and resolve conflicts are introduced. Personal safety is revisited.

Third Grade

We Are the Same and Different. The third grade curriculum focuses on human diversity. Students learn to embrace human differences and individuality through the exploration of empathy, discrimination and bullying. Personal safety is revisited.

Fourth Grade

I Can Handle It! Students in fourth grade learn to understand and identify stress in their lives. Students discuss the effects of stress on their mind and body. Stress management techniques are explored and practiced.

Fifth Grade

Smart and Successful! The concept of multiple intelligence is introduced with a focus on career awareness. Students create their first resume! Counselors help students prepare for their transition to upper elementary school.