Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Support

Bully Prevention in School-Wide Positive Behavior Support is a prevention focused alternative to student support that blends socially valuable outcomes, research based procedures, behavioral science, and a systems approach to reduce problem behavior and improve school climate.

Bully Prevention in School-Wide Positive Behavior Support helps establish a school-wide social culture where positive behavior is “expected” and rewards for bullying are NOT provided.   The school counselors, along with classroom teachers at every elementary school, teach a series of lessons in each class presenting Bully Prevention in School-Wide Positive Behavior Support.

As part of Bully Prevention in School-Wide Positive Behavior Support,students will learn the school rules:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible

Expectations for following these rules are explained and discussed.

Students will also be introduced to the STOP, WALK, TALK strategies. During lessons students will participate in role-play scenarios to practice these strategies. Students will learn to use STOP, WALK, TALK strategies to respond to inappropriate remarks, gossip, cyber bullying and other forms of unsafe, disrespectful or bullying behavior. The role of the bystander is also highlighted.